Chicago Steel Guitar Lessons

Patrick Brenner

I am now offering private Steel Guitar lessons from my home studio, conveniently located north of Chicago.

Whether you are interested in Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, or Pedal Steel Guitar, you will be able to receive quality instruction here.

Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar

I have been giving guitar lessons since 1999 and steel guitar lessons since 2011.

I have many references that will assure you that you will be getting the best steel guitar instruction anywhere.

In my lessons, you will learn all the proper techniques.

I isolate each part of the physical mechanics of the right and left hands, and focus on improving each movement so that within very little time, you will be able to tackle any difficult maneuver on the steel guitar.

I teach both site reading and improvisation and emphasize a complete approach to learning the instrument.

Brenner Steel Guitar Studio

I discuss important historical information about the instrument as well as the many tunings that have been used over time.

I will show you how to listen to songs and be able to play what you hear.

You will receive lots of exclusive sheet music transcribed personally by me for the steel guitar.

You will learn any style of music you wish, if you want to explore outside of country, I can show you jazz, blues, classical, etc.

You will also receive lots of exclusive diagrams and charts that will simplify understanding the steel guitar.

After each lesson, I will notate what we worked on and what materials will need to be practiced to make improvements.

I will show you all this and so much more.

If you are interested in learning more about my approach to learning the steel guitar, then contact me today!


Patrick Brenner

Don't live in the Chicago-Milwaukee area? Try SKYPE LESSONS with me.

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